Memorandum of Agreement

 Regional Sailing Associations of Area “D”

Dixie Inland Sailing Association (DIYRA)

Florida Sailing Association (FSA)

Gulf Yachting Association (GYA)

South Atlantic Yacht Racing Association (SAYRA)

October 14 2006

Amended May, 2007; Feb. 2008; Jan. 2010; Mar.2011





1) The recommendation to the US SAILING Council of Sailing Associations will be based on a rotation schedule. Area D will endeavor to stick to rotation schedule; it will follow in the alphabetical order of the RSAs after a new director is elected by the RSAs of Area D. If the rotation schedule for the Director cannot be followed the RSAs will nominate a suitable candidate to the CSA. The first election of this revised Agreement will occur in the fall of 2006. The term of the elected director will start after this election.

2) An individual may serve two consecutive two-year terms as the Area D director.

3) The Area “D” RSA’s will endeavor to make a single recommendation to US SAILING as to its representative.

4) By August 15th of the second year or his/her term the incumbent Director will obtain from the RSAs the name of their nominee to present to the RSAs for a vote either by mail, email, or at a special meeting.  This election shall occur prior to September 1st.

5) The duties of the Area “D” Director on the US SAILING Council of Sailing Associations shall, in addition to representing the Area, assist with the coordination of all US SAILING Championship events,

US Sailing Men’s Championship, US Sailing Women’s Championship, US Men’s and Women’s Singlehanded Championships, US Junior Single, Double and Triplehanded Championships, etc., held within the area. He shall be the custodian of all monies and trophies belonging to the Area. He/she is expected, to the best of their ability to attend the meetings of the US SAILING Board of Directors, meetings of the CSA, meetings of the Area “D” RSA’s, and communicate with them as needed.

6) Each Area “D” RSA shall contribute annually during the month of January the sum of  ($1000.00) to be utilized by the Area “D Director to assist in defraying out of pocket expenses incurred in the discharge of the duties enumerated in paragraph 5 above and the purchase and maintenance of any trophies involved.  He/she shall account to the RSA’s no later than December 1 of each year for all Area “D” money, which is, or has been in his possession during the prior 12-month period ending October 31st.

7) The Area D Director may open and maintain a checking account for all Area D monies.

8) Pursuant to US Sailing Regulations the Area D Director shall give guidance and input to the US Sailing Race Management Committee to fill the Area D Regional Race Officer (RRO) position. The Director shall likewise provide input and guidance to the US Sailing Judges’ Committee to fill the Area D Regional Administrative Judge (RAJ) position. The RRO and ARO whenever possible shall be rotated alphabetically among the RSAs of Area D.


1) At meetings of the Area “D” RSA’s, each RSA shall have one vote, which shall be cast by that RSAs properly designated person or proxy. Meetings shall be chaired by the Area “D” Director, who shall not vote, except in the case of a tie.

2) Only RSA’s in good standing and signatories to this agreement are entitled to vote.

3) The Area D Director or the majority of the RSA’s may request a convening of RSA representatives to address any issues that arise in Area D, place and time, to be agreed upon or by conference call, or by email and incorporated in the minutes of the next meeting.


Amendments to this Agreement may be proposed by an Area “D” RSA, and shall be submitted to the AREA “D” Director who will pass the proposal to the respective RSAs. Amendments shall become effective upon receiving a majority vote of those RSA’s entitled to vote. Amendments may be adopted either at a meeting or by mail or by email and incorporated into the minutes of the next meeting.

The following signatures reflect acceptance of this memorandum of agreement ( 5 pages) by the RSAs in Area D.


Dixie Inland Yacht Racing Association                                                       Date

Florida Sailing Association                                                                           Date


Gulf Yachting Association                                                                           Date


South Atlantic Yacht Racing Association                                                   Date



The following is a summary of the conditions applicable to the conduct of Area level US SAILING championship events (Semi-Finals) as adopted by the Area “D” RSA Representatives. By agreement reached between relevant RSA’s and adopted by the RSA Representatives at any Area “D” meeting, the rotation shown below may be temporarily altered so that any semi-final event may be conducted at any RSA venue that can provide boats similar to the class that can be provided at the national championship.


2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Jr. Single, Double, Triple SAYRA DIYRA FAS GYA SAYRA


1) By previous agreement, GYA will not hold any events west of New Orleans.  FSA has its own restriction against holding events south of Miami.

2) The location of the Alter Cup event will be determined by the member of the Alter Cup Committee, either by bid or solicitation.

3) Host clubs of Area D Championships shall be current members of U.S. Sailing.


1) The US Sailing Men’s Championship, the US Sailing Women’s Championship, US Men’s and Women’s  Singlehanded Championships and the US Junior Single, Double and Triple Handed Championship events shall be held between the 1st weekend in April and 3 weeks prior to the final(s) for each US Sailing Championship. Conflicts with other US Sailing Championships are discouraged and every attempt to avoid conflicts is encouraged.  This date change takes effect in 2011

2) The USMRC and the US Multihull Championship dates shall be fixed by the host RSA after consultation with the respective Area “D” Championship Committee person.


1) There shall be no limit to the number of entries to any of the Area D Championships.  The Area D Championships shall be open Regattas unless the NOR states other wise.  In the case where a regatta hosts wishes to limit the number of entries they shall consult with the Area D US Sailing Representative to that championship who shall agree to a limiting number.

     A. If the Deed of gift(s) for the any of the US Sailing championships conflict with any of these directions the deed of gift(s) directives shall apply.

     B. In the event an Area D championship regatta is being run with borrowed boats, the Organizing Authority shall allow each RSA in Area D the opportunity to send two teams.  If any RSA fails to name two teams at the entry deadline date for registration the Area D event representative to that event will fill out the entry list with entries from any RSA in Area D. In any case the entry list will be complete 72 hours prior to the start of the regatta.

     C. Any Junior Championships being run in borrowed boats shall not allow resume applications to fill vacant regatta slots.  The Area D Junior Championship coordinator shall be notified no later than 2 weeks prior to the regatta and vacant slots will be allocated in alphabetical order starting with the next RSA after the RSA hosting the regatta.  If the 8 slots cannot be filled the regatta will sail with the registered competitors.

D.  Area D will forfeit its entries to Junior Finals if there are not at least three entries for each discipline at the Area D Championships as per US Sailing Junior Championship Conditions.

 2) US Sailing Men’s and Women’s Singlehanded Championships There shall be no limit to the number of entries from each RSA. Completed entries must be received 14 days prior to the event

 3) US Match Racing Championship – One (1) entry from each RSA, or if the Notice of Race or Conditions, allow, two entries from each RSA. In this case, paragraph C shall apply in selecting additional competitors to fill all available slots.

4) US Sailing Multi-hull Championship– No limit has been determined.

5) Registration for any semi-final event indicates the commitment of the entrant to participate in the final event.


1) The Area “D” Trophies shall be perpetual with the Area “D” Director responsible for providing them as required. The cost of providing or maintaining such trophies shall come from the Area D director’s fund.

2) The Area “D” event Representative for each championship shall be responsible for the event, and for having its trophy available for awarding the Area “D” Championship (US SAILING Semi-Finals) Trophy.

3) Keeper awards shall be standard US SAILING medals purchased by the Area D director’s fund and presented as follows:

A. First, Second and Third place skippers and crew of the US Sailing Men’s Championship, US Sailing Women’s Championship, USMRC, US Junior Triplehanded,  US Junior Doublehanded   Championship and US Multi-hull Championship.

B. First, Second, and Third for US Junior Singlehanded

C. First through Third place for US Men’s Singlehanded Championships.

D. First through Third place for
US Women’s Singlehanded Championships


1) Each RSA shall pay an assessment, regardless of the number of entries and even if there is no entry from that RSA. This entry fee shall be the total of all final entry fees and US Sailing participation fees for the US Junior Single, Double and Triplehanded Championship, US Sailing Men’s Championship, US Sailing Women’s Championship, USMRC, US Multi-hull Championship and US Singlehanded Championship. These entry fees shall be combined and divided by four and that amount shall be sent to the Area D Director by each RSA, who shall deposit these funds into his/her  account to reimburse the competitors as they are now required to pay their Final entry fees on line to US Sailing.  The Area D Director shall notify the RSAs of their share of the total fee by April 1st.

2) The Area D Director will reimburse the entry fee for those sailors/teams advancing to the finals of their respective discipline from the Area D Championship. Charter fees, damaged deposit, etc. shall be the responsibility of the advancing sailors/teams.  Entries selected for the finals outside the Area D championships shall be responsible for their own entry fee, charter and damage deposit.

3) Request for Finals Entry Fee reimbursement from ladder competitors shall be made to the Area D Director within 90 days of completion of the event.


1) The semi finals (Area Championship) host will charge the competitors a regatta fee to cover the cost of the regatta; i.e., food, entertainment, fuel, insurance fee etc.  The damage deposit shall be at the expense of the competitor.


1) For events using borrowed boats, each team will provide a refundable damage deposit; equal in amount to the deductible of the borrowed boat insurance policy the regatta host carries.

2) The above deposit shall be paid prior to participation in the regatta to the regatta host.

3) Refunds due from damage deposits shall be made after the regatta ASAP but no later than 30 days after the conclusion of the regatta.

4) Damage shall be assessed against the party adjudged to have been at fault. If this cannot be determined to the satisfaction of the Organizing Authority, damage shall be assessed pro-rata and refunds made accordingly.

5) TheUS SAILING Borrowed Boat Insurance covers Semi-Final events; the premiums being set annually. It shall be the responsibility of the host club to collect the premium from each skipper. In the event the Semi Final host has insurance other than US Sailing’s borrowed boat insurance, the cost to the skipper shall be what that policy requires.


In most of the events the following guidelines shall apply to the selection of boats in so far as is possible or practicable:

1) The boats should be the same as those to be used in the finals or, if that is not possible, of a similar class or design.

2) In most of the Area D Championship Regattas the sailors will bring and sail their own boats (BYOB).  If borrowed boats are being used they shall be provided and insured by the Organizing Authority.

3) If the above conditions cannot be met, the host club representative should consult with the Area “D” Event Committee US SAILING Representative as to alternative selections.


In accordance with US Sailing regulations and the respective Championship Conditions, the appointment of judges and principal race officer for the area D Championship regattas is the responsibility of the Organizing Authority in concert with the Area D event chairperson to the national committee. US SAILING certified race officers and judges should be selected when ever possible.

1) A certified race management consultant may be added to the race management team to conform to this requirement for a certified principal race officer.

2) To comply with US Sailing Rules and Regulations two Senior US Sailing judges shall be appointed for each Area D championship regatta. These judges shall be selected by the Organizing Authority with consultation of the respective US Sailing event representative. A minimum of 3 judges shall serve at each Area D Championship regatta.  One of the judges may be a Judge in Training (JIT)


1) Selection is by resume submitted to US Sailing Offshore Championship Committee.

2) The Area D Director reviews and ranks the resumes received from Area D.

3) TheUSSailing Championship Committee will make the final choices.