Area D

Welcome to the new home of the Area D web site. The old site on USSAILING.NET is being shut-down for good reasons and we have moved to a WordPress Site that has the potential for adding a lot of capabilities to the site we did not have before. The site is compatible with smart phones and tablet devices like the iPad.  Please change any saved links to the new address:

Area D Covers Nine Southeastern States and Consists of Four Regional Sailing Associations:

            • Dixie Inland Yacht Racing Association (DIYRA)

            • Florida Sailing Association (FSA)

            • Gulf Yachting Association (GYA)

            • South Atlantic Yacht Racing Association (SAYRA)

 The Officers for Area D Consist of One Representative from each Regional Sailing Association (RSA) and a Chairman Chosen from one of the RSAs on a Rotational Basis. The Current Officers for Area D are: 

Chair:  Michael Dawson

Dixie Inland YRA: Carl Reigart, Commodore

Florida SA: Tom Rinda, Commodore

Gulf YA; Danny Killeen, Jr., Commodore,
GYA Representative Chris Luppens

South Atlantic YRA: Arland Whiteside,  Commodore, SAYRA Representative Martine Zurinkas        

Area D is organized per a  “Memorandum of Ageeement”   that includes   information on the duties of the Director, voting and Conditions for US SAILING Championships at the Area D level. One of the most important functions of Area D is conducting Semi-Final Championship Events  as part of the US SAILING Adult and Junior Championships.